bureau principles

design agency

Bureau Bunk is a design agency that values ​​visualization. This is based on the idea that what the customer needs does not yet exist, but would already like to see.

It's not there yet, it still has to be produced, so it's literally about imagining what something could look like.


Whether it concerns illustrations, a new corporate identity, or a spatial brand activation object, the development process always starts with visualization.

The designs are then elaborated, sometimes in spatial dummies, sometimes in working drawings, ultimately in digital production files.


The development process of your question is a dialogue in which you are spoken back with images. Images in the form of illustrations, or visuals of design proposals, or final scale drawings of spatial objects, etc.

The outcome becomes the result of this joint visual exploration. During the process, Bureau Bunk provides solicited and unsolicited advice on brand strategy, communication and production processes.


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