Rotterdam Philharmonisch Orkest
(i.s.m. Enchilada)
MIT Group
Businessclub V
Stichting DNR Rotterdam
Jacco van den Berge
Compositiefonds Sylvia Tóth
Care & Able
East Park
Rura Nova
Design thinking
Capturing the essence of an identity, to us, is a form of art. Expressing the values of the brand into beauty will leave no heart untouched. Moreover it will be a longterm experience. Our aim is immediate recognition of your company by your clients and a lasting association with what your company stands for. Saving you from a lot of expensive short term marketing efforts through building a long term sustainable reputation. And, last but not least, keeping it thereby highly cost-effective.

Design strategies
IQ and EQ. Sub-brand or Monolithic. Corporate or Service. Familiar or Unique. we strive to give expression to your brand in a significantly different and detailed way. Our approach is one of openness, sharing new insights together as to improve the brands look and feel of sincerity and bringing it to its upmost uniqueness.

Communication design
The core of a brand will always be its logo and name. Nevertheless a brand is more than just its core. It is a complete compilation of behavior, communication and visual expressions. Therefore we aim to develop your brand as a whole. Your new company name, logo, responsive internet site, stationary, guidelines for writing, campaigns, exhibition stand, 3D signing, photography style, etc. etc. We match it all in order to create a consistent brand personality. Lets meet and create beauty!
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